Unicorn Baby Beyond Soft Concentrated Fiber Conditioning Rinse

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Beyond Soft will not cause build-up or repelling issues on natural fibers or synthetic fibers and is fragrance free.

Beyond Soft is Everyday Fiber Conditioning Rinse

  • Softens all natural and synthetic fibers
  • Softens wool covers & cloth diapers
  • Softens heirlooms & handmade items for baby
  • Softens plush lovies and comfort fabrics for baby

Beyond Soft is an Anti-Static Conditioner

  • No Bleach Additives, No Phosphates
  • No Fillers, No Enzymes
  • No Stripping Agents

Beyond Soft is Effective in any water temperature

Beyond Soft is Effective in soft and hard water


     Learn how to clean cloth diapers with Beyond Products by Unicorn Baby Here


    ingredients: Nonionic Surfactant – Cationic Quaternary which is an anti-static conditioning agent, Glacial Acetic Acid (a vinegar like solution) that helps lock in colors, aqua and .1% lavender fragrance (classic scent)or .0004% essential oil (fragrance free).

    Made in USA. 




    Customer Reviews

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    Shaylyn Smith

    Unicorn Baby Beyond Soft Concentrated Fiber Conditioning Rinse

    Natalia Santilli

    Very happy with my purchase! One of the bottles leaked a bit in shipping, but they were packaged well so this wasn’t an issue. This was my first time using Unicorn brand and the wash and conditioner work wonderfully. I’d never washed a hand-knit sweater before so I was very nervous, but all went well! Fast, free shipping, and a sweet note with my order:) I’d happily order from them again.

    Best fabric softener for diapers

    I love this stuff. It's pricey but a little goes a long way and it works without giving my diapers any issues. Thanks GTS for fulfilling my order so quickly!

    Luz Clark
    You need this in your life

    I bought a trial size to see how much I would like it. I’m telling you it’s amazing, not only did I use it on cloth diapers but also on our blankets and they are so fluffy and soft afterwards. We use flats and after a while they can start getting dingy and the soft comes back to life and does not affect the function of diaper! For sure will be purchasing more

    So soft!

    I use this as a soak for my woolies and in my machine with my diapers, no more crunch! My diapers are so soft now!