Lighthouse Kids SUPREME™️ AIO Cloth Diaper

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lighthouse kids supreme cloth diaper diagram - inside
  • Perfect for BIG toddlers and for children with special needs.
  • Moves with baby, lightweight TPU feels softer than other cloth diapers and allow for more movement.
  • All-In-One diaper is easy to use-no stuffing!
  • One-Size diaper fits babies 15-55 lbs.



Lighthouse Kids Company cloth diapers are hypoallergenic, lightweight, super trim, stretchy diaper will become your favorite.
Choose from stay-dry fabric or wet bamboo for potty training - it's your choice, simply flip your insert to the desired side. No more snapping or stuffing diapers, and absolutely no microfiber in any of our diapers.




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Taisha Barnum
Always love the Lighthouse Supreme

These diapers are always my go to. Love this shop’s customer service.

Savannah B.
The Best

LKC never fails to amaze me with their high-quality cloth diapers. I want my whole stash to only consist of LKC!

Whit B
Roomy size, super absorbency

I'm glad I decided to give the LKC Supreme AIO a try.

Roomy size - this has no problem fitting my 30lb, almost-2-year-old. It also fits on my 38~lb almost-4-year-old who let me try it on. The cut isn't so large, though, that it wouldn't fit a smaller baby too.

Super absorbency. This is truly the MOST absorbent AIO that I own among quite a few well known brands. The insert is thick, but washes nicely, and holds well for older toddlers (or heavy wetters).

Hip snaps for much larger kiddos who may need this diaper may dig in to hips if the diaper is snapped out further. I believe you can get aftermarket "snap covers" to help with this, though.

I would recommend this diaper, absolutely.

Melissa Bush
Finally one that works

I finally found a cloth diaper that is both absorbent enough and large enough for my chunky thighed toddler! I add an additional single layer insert to the diaper for overnight, as he sleeps 12-13 hours a night on his belly, and it’s still big enough for him to be comfortable and not wake up with marks around his thighs.