Rental FAQs



Rental items will be a mix of new and gently used. All new diapers will be prepped and ready for immediate use. Gently used diapers have been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and ready for immediate use.

Prior to shipping rental / trial packages, all items have been thoroughly looked at for defective properties including the following:

  1. Broken / Dysfunctional Snaps that may affect fit and function
  2. Loose or Overly Relaxed Elastics that may affect fit and function
  3. Damaged/Dysfunctional Velcro that may affect fit and function
  4. Damaged/Dysfunctional Pul that will affect function
  5. Excessive Edge-wear that may affect function

If diapers do not possess any of the above defective properties, they will be shipped to the address provided.

Please note: stains do not affect function. The Green Tot Spot will always to its best to treat any stains, however staining is not considered a defective property and is solely cosmetic as it will not hinder the function of the diaper.


The Green Tot Spot wants you and your family to have a positive experience with cloth diapers.

If you receive any defective item(s) (items listed above) contact us to schedule replacement of item(s). Only Defective Properties accepted are listed above.

Additionally, If at any time you are unsatisfied with your rental items due to performance or fit issue, reach out to us to troubleshoot and assist in correcting the issue (this may include replacement of rental item(s) at The Green Tot Spot's Discretion). If replacement is warranted, The Green Tot Spot will send replacement item(s) a maximum of (1) one time during rental period.

Security Deposit
A one-time security deposit is required at time of order. Security Deposit amounts are listed with package description and rates.
Upon receipt of your return, all rental program items will be assessed for damages that require repair (outside of expected normal wear). If no damages noted, then security deposit balance will be issued via store credit in full within 14 business days. If damages are noted, then security deposit, minus cost of repairs, will be available for store credit (100%), transfer to another rental package (100%), or refund (85%). 
Security Deposit Refund Options:
1.) Store credit 
2.) Transfer to another rental. Security Deposits are transferable. If you choose to sign up for an additional rental package after your current rental package has ended, your security deposit (minus cost of repairs/replacement, if any) can be transferred to your new rental package.
3.) If you prefer a refund to your payment method, The Green Tot Spot will agree to refund up to 85% of your security refund balance via your original payment method.
PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer a method other than store credit, please contact us by email at prior to returning package, otherwise, store credit will be automatically issued and CANNOT be reversed.

Damage Assessment - if any rental item(s) are returned with damages listed below, a repair cost will be generate and will be removed from your security deposit:

  • Cracked, broken, or chipped snaps
  • Excessive unraveling of thread, causing components of diaper (soaker material, pul, velcro etc) to separate from diaper
  • Rips, tears, shredding, cuts or holes on any part of diaper
  • Excessive edgewear causing holes and/or exposed elastics due to improper care (please follow care instructions to ensure this does not occur)
  • Excessive discoloration due to bleach or not following care instructions - this discoloration is considered untreatable

Properties considered as normal wear

  • Slight unraveling of thread (excessive unravelling to extent of materials separating from the diaper is not included - see above)
  • Stains (please wash diapers before returning)
  • Slight edge-wear (excessive edge-wear causing holes and/or exposed elastics is not included - see above)
  • Slight discoloration from wash (this does not include untreatable stains or bleach spots - see above)

Security Deposits are transferable. If you choose to sign up for an additional rental/trial package after your current rental package has ended, your security deposit (minus cost of repairs, if any) can be transferred to your new rental/trial package. If your remaining security deposit is less than the required deposit for your next package, the difference will be due at time of order.


Order Fulfillment

For Newborn packages: At least one month before your estimated due date, place your order for your desired rental program and schedule shipment 1-2 weeks before your due date. Your rental period will begin on the day you receive your rental package OR on the day your newborn has arrived, whichever comes later.

For Custom Packages: fulfillment time may take up to 2-3 weeks.

For all other packages: rental package fulfillment time will take 1-2 weeks based on availability. Ready to ship rental packages can be fulfilled within 1 week.

*Fulfillment times begin from order placement AND submission of required Rental Agreement form(s). You will receive a confirmation via email once your order request is complete.


Rental/Trial package price includes shipping to you only. You are responsible for return shipping of rental/trial items. It is strongly suggested that you ship your return package insured as The Green Tot Spot is not responsible for damaged or lost packages. In the event your package is lost or damaged and insurance is not present, the security deposit will not be refunded.

Rental Period

When you receive your package, you will also receive a copy of this agreement, including your rental/trial period information.

Period start dates begin on the day your package is estimated to arrive based upon shipping method chosen. In the event your package is delayed, a new return date will be submitted.

IMPORTANT: Newborn rental packages begin on the day your newborn arrives so a return date will not be issued for those types of packages until The Green Tot Spot is notified of birth. Once notified, we will send return date and return instructions.

Items must be postmarked for the LAST DAY of your rental period per your instructions.

IE: If your rental/trial period ends January 1st, 2018, then your package must be shipped out on January 1st, 2018. Your instructions will include where to send the tracking number for confirmation.

IMPORTANT: If tracking number is not received by the due date, a $5 late fee will be assessed per day. This fee will be removed from your security deposit.

Rental/Trial Package Contents

With your rental/trial package you will receive the following:

* All items of your desired package (unless otherwise arranged)

* Description and Care instructions for each item in your package

* Copy of Rental/Trial Agreement 

* Return Date and Shipping Instructions