Shop Pre-Loved Diapers & Accessories

Shop Pre-Loved Diapers & Accessories

Pre-Loved Diapers & Accessories go through a quality check prior to site listing to ensure diapers do not have defects that will affect function*

* Please read below for more information about what is considered a flaw that affects function:

  1. Broken / Dysfunctional Snaps that may affect fit and function
  2. Loose or Overly Relaxed Elastics that may affect fit and function
  3. Damaged/Dysfunctional Velcro that may affect fit and function
  4. Damaged/Dysfunctional Pul that will affect function
  5. Excessive Edge-wear that may affect function

If diapers do not possess any of the above defective properties, they will be shipped to the address provided.

Please note: stains do not affect function. The Green Tot Spot will always to its best to treat any stains, however staining is not considered a defective property and is solely cosmetic as it will not hinder the function of the diaper.


Please Note: Due to the nature of Pre-Loved Diapers, returns/exchanges will not be accepted. If there is damage to the diaper that affects the function, please reach out via email to immediately prior to washing/wearing diaper. Pre-Loved items do not carry manufacturer's warranty and do not qualify for discounts, sales, or promos. 

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