Newborn Diapers are Expensive ... Save money with Cloth Diaper Rentals!

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Newborn Rental Programs: Instead of investing in a newborn cloth diaper stash that your little one will grow out of, rent them for as little as $25 per month!


Available Newborn Packages:

All-in-One (includes 24 diaper changes): Package Rate: $100 + Security Deposit: $100

Mix of Styles (includes 24 diaper changes). This package includes a mix of pre-folds, flats, fitteds, covers and all-in-one/all-in-two diaper systems. Package Rate: $85 + Security Deposit: $85

Prefolds and Covers (includes 24 diaper changes): Package Rate: $70 + Security Deposit: $75

Prefolds and Covers (includes 18 diaper changes) : Package Rate: $50 + Security Deposit: $75



Chose from the rental package options we have available, add to cart and check out. Once your rental fee is received, an additional invoice for deposit will be sent within 24 business hours. Please see below for information on refund of deposit.

Upon checkout, please enter requested date in the order notes along with Girl, Boy, or Gender Neutral. 

Once your diapers are received, use them for the agreed upon rental period. The rental period begins from the date you received your diapers OR the date of arrival of  your little one, which ever comes later.

Example: If you receive your diapers on January 1st, but your baby is not born until January 7th, your rental period will begin on January 7th!

Return your program items clean, dry, and in good condition and receive your security deposit back (less cost of repairs required if any) in the form of a refund, store credit, or used as security deposit towards another rental program. 




Other Reasons to Try Cloth Diapers:

* Keep an average of $2,200 disposable diapers out of our dumps in the 1st year!

* Cloth is cute & looks GREAT in photos!

* No more "running out of diapers" and late night trips to the store!

* Great for sensitive skin - NO harsh chemicals!

* If baby is strictly breastfed, you do NOT need to pre-wash/scrub the poop!


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